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MMT-722 Medtronic Paradigm Real-Time – Insulin pump

Insulin pump Medtronic Paradigm PRT (Paradigm Real-Time) or, as it is also called, Medtronic Paradigm 722 is a representative of the latest generation of insulin pumps from Medtronic. The pump allows you to monitor your blood sugar level in real time using a special wireless sensor. These data can be used for dose selection using the proprietary BolusWizard system.

The main difference of this pump is the presence of REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (module for constant monitoring of blood sugar in real time), as well as Bolus Wizard, a program for automatically counting insulin doses for food and for correcting blood sugar.

When used with an available glucose sensor and transmitter components, the MiniMed Paradigm 722 insulin pump displays LIVE data on the screen to help you better understand glucose control.
Displays updated glucose results every 5 minutes
Displays graphs of glucose changes for 3 and 24 hours, as well as arrows indicating how quickly and in which direction the glucose changes
Alerts patients to potentially dangerous episodes of low and high blood sugar levels with an audible alarm or vibration.
Requires a minimum of 2 calibrations per day (once every 12 hours). Before deciding to correct your glucose level, you must perform a control fingerstick test using a standard blood glucose meter.
Choice of two tanks with different volumes
Model 722: 300 or 176 units
Small size and weight
5.08 x 9.14 x 2.03 centimeters, 108 grams
Unique feature – remote control
Medtronic Diabetes offers many additional options to hide your insulin pump, and with our exclusive optional remote control you can deliver a bolus or put your insulin pump on standby (if you dance until you drop in the disco). taking your pump out of the place where you wear it. This way, no one except you will know that it exists.
Customizable insulin activity curves
Insulin activity curves with variable duration from 2 to 8 hours. The default is 6 o’clock, which is the closest match to published scientific data. [2]
Bolus Wizard® Bolus Calculator
The patented bolus calculator suggests bolus based on your personal information, food intake and blood glucose.
Medtronic CareLink® Diabetes Care Management Software
This web-based system transforms data from your MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump, blood glucose meters, and diary into user-friendly information that you and your healthcare provider can use to better manage your diabetes.

Insulin pump (pump) Medtronic Paradigm PRT (Paradigm Real Time / Real Time) – a small device the size of a pager, in the end has a container for a reservoir with insulin. A catheter is connected to the reservoir, the cannula of the catheter is inserted subcutaneously using the Quick or Sil Serter device. With the help of a built-in piston motor, the pump delivers insulin in accordance with a pre-programmed program in increments of 0.05 units.

Purpose of the pump: to monitor blood glucose levels in real time using a special wireless MiniLink device and an MMT-7002 or MMT-7008 glucose sensor. This pump differs from the previous generation of pumps by the presence of the Bolus Wizard, a proprietary system for automatically calculating the dose of insulin required for food intake and correcting blood glucose levels. And the main difference between the pump and the Paradigm MMT-712 model is the presence of a module for constant monitoring of blood sugar in real time (REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring).

Convenience and reliability!
Your Paradigm Real Time insulin pump is designed for maximum ease of use. Due to its miniature size, you can easily hide it under clothes. This pump can be retrofitted with the MMT-503 remote control for even more convenient control in daily use. You can transfer the glucose data stored in the pump’s memory using a special preinstalled program and ComLink MMT-7304 device to a personal computer.

Good control just got easier!
A variety of basal and bolus options give you the ability to customize your insulin delivery to suit your needs. You can also program special reminders to tell you when it is time to take a bolus (injection) or measure your blood glucose. There are indicators on the screen to indicate whether your blood glucose is low or high when your insulin pump is receiving glucose measurements from the patient’s meter.